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Thomas Eaton

Owner and Skilled Lime Pointer

I have always had a love for old stone buildings and structures and as a previous professional drystone waller and self employed lime pointer i have a good eye for detail which is important when carrying out lime pointing. I decided to set up the company in 2014 simply because I was getting frustrated with builders and pointers without the correct knowledge carrying out incorrect cement work and poor lime work on stone properties which eventually leads to damaging problems. Getting lime pointing right the first time will last a lifetime, Getting it wrong the first time well it wont last very long and you`ll be back to square one and out of pocket. 


Thomas Taylor

Skilled Lime Pointer.

Thomas has been with us for 5 years now he is one of the nicest guys you could meet and is an asset to the team and great to work with, he also has a passion for stone buildings and their history. Tom`s work is simply fantastic and his attention to detail is outstanding and carries out any task with 100% euthusiasm and care and is a great problem solver.



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